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“I had wind driven rain going under my roof leaking into my house. I was told by my insurance company it was not covered. Thankfully I had already called Francois and they had taken pictures to prove that it was. Francois recommended a lawyer who agreed to take my case on contingency and settled it for me so I was able to get all the work I needed done.”

Re-roofing, master bathroom water damage, guest bedroom closet.

CATEGORY Roofing, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Removal

COST $26,000

“We have several different angled roof sections on our home and our contractor, Francois Newkirk, pointed out a serious issue with one section. The roofing had been patched poorly, a rain diverter that was far too small had been added and the flashing was done incorrectly.
My husband and I were able to view this from the ground. Francois’ crew redid the section, adding a much larger diverter in the correct placement and correct size and also placement of flashing.
They also removed, replaced and repainted a small section of Hardy Board siding to be sure it had not been damaged by the lack of flashing in the spot as well as painting the trim. When that was done Francois had a fellow power wash the brick base all around our home where green algae had been growing. He also noticed that when we’d had a repair done to our chimney, the people that repaired it had not painted the area; one of his crew took care of painting that as well as fixing some roof tiles on that side of the house that had slipped down. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received.


Repair to roof and addition of correct flashing.

CATEGORY Roofing, Mold Removal



“Francois and his team epitomize craftsmanship, professionalism, and integrity. Francois went above and beyond to be sure that everything was clearly communicated and that the highest quality work was performed. Whenever I had a question, Francois immediately addressed the question and took time to explain pros and cons to moving forward or not moving forward with certain work. He did an outstanding job and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone dealing with water damage issues.”


Francois and his team identified several locations of water damage and issues with our roof. He initially did a very detailed inspection of the home and sat down with us to go over everything he found that related to water damage issues. Then we decided to hire him and his team to remove all areas impacted by water damage, build back all those areas, and he put on a new roof.

CATEGORY Roofing, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Removal

COST $24,000

“I hired Mr. Newkirk to inspect for water damage and mold.  To my surprise, Francois advocated and advised me on how to deal with my insurance company.  He also met with the insurance adjuster and, because of his knowledge, got me an entirely new roof!! “
“Francois explained that the roof is the most important part of the house to protect against water and mold.  I had hired a mold remediator and got a roofing expert.  He emailed me multiple references on previous roofing jobs, and explained in detail all the different options on roofing materials.  Francois completed the work and emailed me about 75 photos of my new roof.  It looks beautiful !! Francois is now handling the interior work.  I am confident that it will turn out great.”


I filed a hail storm damage claim with my insurance company.which required a re-roof and interior water damage repairs.

CATEGORY Roofing, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Removal

COST $4,500