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Water damage in your home in Round Rock might be one of the scariest damage types for a homeowner to discover.


One word: Mold.

We’ve all seen it. Soggy sheetrock, damages wall structure and ceilings, peeling paint, and the big one, Mold Damage.

Mold is a scary part of water damage in your home, sometimes as much or more than the damage itself.

Water damage is one thing, you know how big the headache it is to replace sheetrock, repaint and retexture everything in the area of your house that was affected. That’s hard enough.

But when you find out that mold has grown, and even worse, some of the scarier forms of mold like Black Mold, the game completely changes. The respiratory problems that come along with mold are nothing to sneeze at. Many homeowners have to completely vacate their homes and live in a hotel while a Round Rock Mold Remediation Company comes in and the work begins, and many times it’s can all start with just a “little leak”.

The most common areas for leaks to occur in a home of course, are the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom is particularly troublesome because of its proximity to other rooms, and especially if the bathroom is located upstairs. An upstairs bathroom leak can easily cause water damage across five rooms of your home without even very much time taking place.

But if you encounter a slow leak, that problem can be compounded far more. The reason is simple; because of the time involved, mold has more time to grow. The structural damage might not be as bad, except for the case of possibly older wood, but Mold has far more time to grow. 

Structural damage from Water Leaks

Structural damage from water is generally the same all around, regardless whether the water leak originated from toilet but if we can, a leaking bathtub, a leaking pipe in your bathroom or kitchen, a leaking dishwasher, or whether it’s even a roof leak. Structural damage from water leaks in Round Rock homes occurs in wood, sheetrock, carpet, wood floors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and even electrical problems in some cases.

If you suspect that you have structural damage from a water leak, call our Round Rock Water Damage Restoration company today, and let us Dry It Out!



Round Rock homeowners

Round Rock, TX is very humid, so homeowners must be especially Vigilant when dealing with water damage. The humidity here is one of the many reasons Mold can take off the way it does. That’s why at Texas Dry Out & Restoration we are dedicated to the process of keeping you and your family safe from dangerous mold, and restoring your Round Rock home to like new or better condition from when you had it before the water leak ever happened. 

We love to hear from our customers that they love their homes more now than before the water leak. We’d love to do same thing for you.

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You could check all of our reviews on Angie’s List, we have over 80 as of the writing of this page, but you can also check Yelp and Google. Our customers love us because we are dedicated to the small details that make the difference in whether a remodeling or restoration job goes well or poorly. If the difference between satisfaction and being disappointed in the results. That would consider a roof leak.

Roof Leaks & Water Damage

Roof Leaks generally fall into two categories. 

The first is Windstorm damage for hail damage on an older roof. This occurs of course when a storm comes through and water is able to permeate the shingle layer on your roof that protects your roof and household from rain and other weather events.

This is easy enough to repair, but the problem area is a water leak. The source of a roof leak is very difficult to detect. 

Find the Leak, fix the water damage

Roof leaks are not easy to find once you do discover where the water damage is. Sometimes a roof leak will travel 30 or 40 feet from its origin point and begin to cause water damage in another part of the house. That’s why it’s really important to get a good inspection done after a repair. You need a Round Rock company that understands the weather, wind and rain around here. 

It’s also important to have a water damage restoration company in Round Rock that is knowledgeable about all aspects of home insurance and its benefits to your household in the event of storm damage. If your insurance will cover a roof replacement, and that roof is leaking and causing water damage in your Round Rock home, that’s something you should look at, because if you’re able to get that fixed through your insurance, you should. That’s why you bought the insurance. 

The second category of roof leaks is poor craftsmanship. This usually occurs within the first year or two of a new custom home being built.